What if my product arrives damaged? 

If you recieve a Ballsy product that is damaged or defective in any way we would be more than happy to help you with a replacement. Please submit a request form

Please be aware: 

  • Boxers must be unused, tags intact
  • Domestic and international orders placed through our Ballsy website can get a refund or replacement for damaged or defective orders. 
  • International Amazon orders are only eligible for a refund at this time. We are not able to send a replacement internationally.

How can I get replacement parts? 

If you are not able to get the product out of the Ballwash Goodhead Shampoo, and Goodhead Conditioner we can send a replacement pump. Before we send the pump please complete the following troubleshooting. 

  • Sometimes the product is too thick to go through the pump. Run hot water through the pump to unclog this. If this does not fix the issue please let us know. 

If you experience any damages or defects to the trimmer or the trimmer heads we can send replacements. When requesting a replacement please include the following information.  

  • Describe the issues with the trimmer or the trimmer heads. 
  • When did you notice this was not working? 
  • What have you tried to fix the issue? 
  • Is it the trimmer or the charging cord? 
  • Have you tried charging this with a different outlet? 



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